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The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People

Authors Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell are cofounders of the first organization in the country to provide full spectrum doula services to all pregnant people. During their nearly decade-long tenure with The Doula Project, they supported thousands of people having abortions, giving birth, choosing adoption plans, and seeking pregnancy loss procedures. They also trained hundreds of activists and providers around the country on the full spectrum model of care. 

This book was born out of a desire to share knowledge and inspire others through the power of story. During their years of speaking publicly about this work, Mahoney and Mitchell learned that people are drawn to personal narratives and recognized that these narratives were crucial to the organization's ability to uplift the realities of what being pro-choice really means. The stories highlighted here are a window that most people don’t have: stories that can give a glimpse into experiences many cannot otherwise articulate, or choose to ignore, or have been too busy to notice. Released just one week after Trump was elected President, this book offered hope and solace to those who were struggling and served as a reminder that caring and kindness can exist even in the darkest spaces. Purchase The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People on Amazon.