"Almost ten years later, The Doula Project has changed the way we think about doula work and the links between activism and direct service, as well as inspired doulas across the country to start their own collectives. The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People, a new book co-written by Mary and Lauren recently out from the Feminist Press, details the complexities and joys of doula work and the life and evolution of the organization. It is a vivid and gorgeously written ode to reproductive justice, intersectional feminism, and compassionate advocacy."

"In a culture where pregnant patients are pushed into procedures they don't want, especially if they aren't empowered when it comes to self-advocacy, doulas can help people have more positive birthing experiences, and better experiences with abortion, as well." The Doula Project is Bringing Both Abortion and Birth Care to Low-Income People in NYC,

"Once in a while, I am both confessor and redeemer: What are you going to eat when you get home, what train did you take to get here, are you doing anything exciting this weekend, yes I think God will forgive you. You know better than anyone if you are making the right choice." The Biggest Mistake I Made at Work, Lenny Letter

"Doulas are really in the work of listening to people. I think a lot of times in healthcare, people try to go so fast, to make it profitable, that patients don't really get to talk about themselves, or to explore their own lives in relation to their healthcare. So when I talk to people, I ask them, “What do you do for school? What do you do for work? What are your goals?” And I hope that I can remind them that their lives are important, their lives are interesting. An abortion is a very complex choice to make, and no one can be labeled as anything in making that choice." I'm An Abortion Doula, Glamour Magazine

"In 2007, three reproductive justice advocates had a revolutionary idea: people having abortions should have continuous, nonjudgmental physical, emotional, and educational support just like people giving birth." The Radical Idea of Providing Doulas for Abortions, Bitch Magazine

"Lauren is neither terribly surprised nor bothered by the minor backlash she's received. "It's nothing I take seriously," she says, pointing out that she sees the value and impact of her own work every day. In the early days, her fellow pro-choice activists asked themselves whether they should actually consider themselves doulas. Their verdict was yes: "We viewed being a doula as providing three major core tenets of support: emotional, informational, and physical...and that is precisely what we do," Lauren says."  Abortion Doulas: Inside The Movement,