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“Sometimes even the people having the procedure hold an internal stigma about it,” Moran says. “[We tell them] this is OK, we’re not judging them, and that it’s safe for them to be there and feel whatever they’re feeling.” Our zine coordinator Mick talked about busting stigma with art and storytelling in Nationswell.

"We think women deserve good care and support however their pregnancy proceeds - whether it results in birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, foetal anomaly or abortion.” Read the BBC’s profile of Doula Project member Vicki Bloom.

"Free doula services are crucial if we want all pregnant people to have access to compassionate, quality care during their abortions. Having doulas readily available for clients, at no cost, breaks through both financial and social barriers that often make this experience overwhelming and isolating." covers The Doula Project.

“Zines are a way of creating access to things that aren’t talked about in the media…they have a history of being political.” The Columbia Daily Spectator reports on the DIY Doula Zine at the Feminist Zinefest.

Abortion can cause a range of emotions—the Doula Project is mentioned in Self Magazine’s recommendations on how to prepare for an abortion.

The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People…details the complexities and joys of doula work and the life and evolution of the organization. It is a vivid and gorgeously written ode to reproductive justice, intersectional feminism, and compassionate advocacy." interviews our founders about their book.

"Doulas are really in the work of listening to people. I think a lot of times in healthcare, people try to go so fast, to make it profitable, that patients don't really get to talk about themselves, or to explore their own lives in relation to their healthcare. An abortion is a very complex choice to make, and no one can be labeled as anything in making that choice." Read Patrice William’s first-person account of her work with The Doula Project in Glamour Magazine.

"In 2007, three reproductive justice advocates had a revolutionary idea: people having abortions should have continuous, nonjudgmental physical, emotional, and educational support just like people giving birth." Bitch Magazine interviews our founders.